Create Backup clone of windows 7 and Restore

Something unexpected, unusual happens and your system crashes, all your settings gone, you can not boot your windows, read our posts, what then? If you had created system clone backup earlier, you could restore your system to that condition retaining all your settings, files, folders, installation intact and same as that at the time of backup creation. Windows 7 comes with an inbuilt option to clone your system drives, partition including the systemroot directory and your installation and other preferences. People who have used other tools for cloning their windows system already know the advantages of using backups instead of reinstalling fresh os. Here in this guide, we’ll see the steps involved in creating windows backup and how to restore the same .

How to Make Backup clone of Windows 7

1. In the Start menu search box, type “backup and restore” and press “Enter”. It will open the Backup and Restore window in control panel. Now Click on “Create a system image” from left side of the window.

windows 7 backup step 1 Create Backup clone of windows 7 and Restore


2. Once the “Create a System image” window appears, choose “On a hard disk” option and locate the drive where you want to save the backup. You can also choose DVDs option, but be forewarned that it will require more than one DVD to complete the backup. Using an external hard disk would be a better choice.

windows 7 backup step 2 Create Backup clone of windows 7 and Restore


3. After confirming the backup location, you can click on the “Next” button to proceed in the next step. Here is where you choose the drive to backup. The system drive (C:) is checked by default. For other drives, simply check the box beside them to include them in your backup.

windows 7 backup step 3 Create Backup clone of windows 7 and Restore


4. In this step, you have to confirm whether you have selected the right location of backup and the correct drives which you want to backup. Click the “Start backup” button once you have checked everything is correct.

windows 7 backup tut Create Backup clone of windows 7 and Restore


5. The backup process will take some time to finish. You can go for your coffee break for now.

windows 7 system clone step 5 Create Backup clone of windows 7 and Restore


Restore from Windows 7 clone backup image in case of boot failure or other problems.

1. Restart you computer, hold down the F8 key when booting to enter the advanced boot option menu.

2. Select your preferred keyboard layout. Click Next to proceed.

3. Put a user name and password, click OK.

4. Choose “System Image Recovery” from the System Recovery option menu and follow the instructions.

That’s all to create a backup system image and restore your system from it.

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