How to Verify Paypal Indian Account without Credit Card or VCC

Good News for Indians who wanted to get their full-fledged paypal account but didn’t had credit cards. If you are a new blogger from India, probably a student, who wants to blog and earn at the same time, you know the importance of paypal accounts. Almost all online transactions heavily depend on paypal services. It is not easy in India for students to get credit cards or so. Many people have resorted to buying VCC (virtual credit card) from other people who have bank account in hdfc bank. Some at the same time wasted their money on a fake person. Still, few got their paypal account blocked because verifying paypal with VCC is against its policy.

Why does one needs to verify paypal account ? Ans - TO remove any or all restriction and the withdrawal limits. Also, online shopping, purchasing domain, hosting – all requires a verified paypal account.

Indians demanded and their demands are now fulfilled. Yes, you can now easily verify paypal using your saving bank account now. While this method can not be used to add funds to your paypal but this method would remove limits off your paypal account and you would be easily able to invest, shop, sell, withdraw your paypal balance.

How to Verify Paypal Indian Account without Credit Card or VCC

Log into Your paypal account

Click on Get Verified

Select link and confirm your bank account from the left pane.

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Here you have to enter your bank account and confirm.

Note : Please make sure that you name matches with that in your bank account. If your paypal name is different, request a name change in paypal or open a new account on paypal.

Paypal will now make two consecutive fund transfers to the linked bank account within 2 – 4 working days.

You have to check your bank statement (go to your bank with your passbook and get your passbook updated ) and enter the amounts correctly in the fields provided.

What are you waiting for ? The wait is over :)

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