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The Importance of Email Archives

Along with growth and profitability, companies also have to face hurdles that come with success. As your company begins to thrive, you’ll also increasingly find that your organization becomes an attractive target for litigation.

One such problem is the occasional request from the courts for legal discovery of documents and files. Failure to comply with these requests could put your company out of compliance with the law, which could result in severe penalties or fines.

So sweeping them under the rug isn’t exactly an option. Your organization has to make provisions to address this problem as a top priority.

From the mountains of records that your company will collect over time, it is almost impossible to guess which documents the courts will suddenly summon 5 years from now. Hence, you need to set a data management policy today that treats every business document as a potentially important file that may someday need to be quickly found and retrieved.

For example, the courts consider most emails produced by your company to be official business documents. The total number of emails would run into thousands and the court may summon any part of your historical email archive… going back for years. For this reason, it helps to have your emails managed and stored through a dedicated archiving system that is both compliant with legal best-practices, and has the right tools to rapidly find the right historical data when needed.

An important problem faced by companies required to perform ediscovery on their historical email is simply the sheer volume that collects over time.

Although computers are good at quickly searching for well-defined file characteristics such as “keywords” or “recipients”, most ediscovery is based on more general criteria such as “relationships” or “themes”. This can put a tremendous strain on system resources and greatly increase the amount of time it takes to process such a search.

Strict policies must be put in place for the retention, deletion and classification of historical email. In order to minimize logistical complexity, you need to make sure that you don’t store more data than is absolutely necessary. At the same time, you must make sure that you’re storing at least the minimum amount of historical information that is required by law.

From the above, it is clear that there is a need for a dedicated email archiving system with ediscovery capability. If you haven’t done so already, consult with your legal department and see if your company could benefit from the safety and security of a dedicated email archiving system.

About The Author: This is a Guest Post from Storagepipe. Storagepipe provides email archiving and online backup software that helps companies gain better control over their growing data.

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