Is Nokia really going to abandon Symbian ?

This question strikes me often. Will Nokia really abandon Symbian OS? To answer this, we need to find out whether Symbian os is the cause for the decreasing market share of nokia mobiles. Since Android OS is rapidly developing and evolving, symbian os feels outdated in such scenario but why would Nokia go with Microsoft’s [...]

Vodafone 3g data packs tariff price plan details comparison

Vodafone 3g is launched in few places including few areas of Delhi, India. TO experience vodafone 3g, you can go to the nearest vodafone official store as mentioned on their website. Here in this post, we list the details of vodafone 3g broadband data packs and plans with their tariff and free usage + vaildity. [...]

Download Opera Mini and Opera Mobile for Android Devices


Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers are one of the most preferred mobile browser till date. With the launch of Opera Mobile 11, flash support has been added for android devices in Opera Mobile 11. You can download either or both from the android market. Opera Mini is used if you have slow internet connection. [...]

Flash for android | Flash Player for Android


You know how the adobe flash player support has become indispensable for the web. Although, with introduction of HTML 5, the use of flash media on websites can be minimized, yet it is not considered fully viable option at current. To experience full-fledged internet/web on your android phone, you need to have the latest version [...]

High End Best Android phones Specification comparison


In one of our previous posts, one of our authors have remarkably sorted and suggested high end android mobile phone handsets of the range 20k inr to 30 k inr. In this post, We’re attaching an image which compares all the top high end android handsets from various manufacturers like HTC, Acer, Samsung android, LG [...]

Android Wallpapers | Wallpaper Rotator for Android phone


We’ve beautiful wallpapers on our android phones. We wish we could set all such beautiful images and pics as wallpapers on our android phones, but unfortunately the same is not possible. Like our desktop or laptop computer where we can change wallpapers automatically after a fixed interval of time, we can do the same on [...]

Airtel 3g data plans and packs for 3g usb data card modems simcard

Airtel has recently introduced its 3g service in major cities including Delhi. Airtel is one of the trusted mobile operator of India. Although, its 3g services are lately introduced, yet it is remarkable in terms of speed and usage but as expected, the cost for 3g data plans is high making 3g expensive. Also, there [...]

Reliance 3g High Speed data plans for data cards and 3g simcard

Reliance is rapidly enriching all its networks across the country with 3g facilities claiming speed of upto 21 mbps which is really awesome. I have personally used Reliance 3g data plans and have experienced speed of upto 10 mbps on my 21 mbps huawei modem datacard in New Delhi, India. In metro market like Delhi [...]

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