Bouncing Balls | Free Online Games to play

“Bouncing Balls” is one of the very popular online games as it is easy to play, rules of the game is very simple to understand. Free online games like bouncing balls are generally very addictive if you like to play easy games online. Who can play this game? – Anyone be a kid or an [...]

Watch Movies Online free Legal Websites


Watching movies online is always a pleasure if you have broadband or very high speed internet connection as you don’t need to waste your precious time downloading those movies. That’s why even conventional LCD, LED TVs come with internet and online video watching support. Now, internet addicts like me always prefer to watch full length [...]

Ban on Nokia’s push email service

Its now the turn for Nokia as Indian Government has shouted ban on Nokia’s upcoming push mail service until a monitoring system isn’t being effectively in channelized in order. The same thing had happened with Blackberry services. It seems that the Indian government is serious towards such issues and want to keep a check on [...]

.xxx domains banned in India

So it was evident, we knew this, India’s moral policing, the not – so – socially liberal India becomes the first country to ban all websites with .xxx tld. In one of our recent posts, we informed you about ICANN’s approval for .xxx tld i.e. now adult websites could be in the name of [...]

Yahoo Mail application for android phone | android apps


Checking yahoo mails have been lot easier intuitive and efficient on Android phone with the new yahoo mail android application. The official yahoo application for android phone allows faster easier yahoo mail access, yahoo accounts switching, instant messenger functionality i.e. yahoo messenger functionality – all in a single application. Features Multiple Yahoo! Accounts Preview photos [...]

Add your own image as background in gmail

Gmail has introduces themes long ago but do you know you can create your own custom theme in gmail with the background image of your own choice be it your own image. Yes, this is very simple to do. Now set your favorite image as background in your gmail account so that whenever you check [...]

Get Credit card against fixed deposit | students credit card


Getting a credit card in India has always been cumbersome as the banks require various proofs, documents, account statements, income tax returns and several other guarantees. Students and small online entrepreneurs find it difficult to meet the requirements of credit card. To solve this, several banks in India have lately started issuing credit cards on [...]

New UI for Google Analytics

Earlier Google introduced new adsense interface for adsense publishers, many people liked the new interface while many didn’t. The main problem that goes with the new interface of adsense is that it requires fast internet connection. The same goes with Google Analytics service now for free monitoring of traffic and other stats of your visitors. [...]

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