Trick to play videos in youtube faster without Buffering

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You will enjoy playing videos in YouTube without buffering with your children or watching your own interesting movies. Buffering and playing are almost a headache when the video moves very slowly. Your time and the Internet bandwidth both are getting wasted. There is a solution for every problem and for this one also there are solutions that can be implemented. You can find them as below:

1. Obtain faster Internet connection: The more is the speed in your Internet connection, the less will be the time in buffering. Your videos will also be played faster since the buffering rate will move faster.

2. Play after pausing: If you are often used to play video in YouTube you would have noticed yourself. You can click the Play button after the video starts streaming. You can even see a red bar that is faint in color. It will move from the left to right as the buffering goes on in the video. When your video completes the run after buffering click Play again to see an uninterrupted session.

img12 300x39 Trick to play videos in youtube faster without Buffering

Streaming and Buffering

3. Peak times: When there are too many users utilizing the bandwidth the speed and buffering will be very slow. You can utilize the non-peak times as in mid-morning and mid-noon hours to play the videos. The available speed will itself  look faster and work fine giving you good experience in watching the videos.

4. Speedbit Video Accelerator: This is a tool that installs another program to reduce buffering particularly on video sites as your YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion etc.

img2 300x212 Trick to play videos in youtube faster without Buffering

Program to accelerate

A free version is sufficient for YouTube videos but a premium version should be obtained to play HD Videos. Whenever the program accelerates the performance of YouTube Videos you shall see a message that will be displayed as in the above image on the left. You shall also view the progress bar for the video loading being shown. You shall view the rapid progress instead of a slow motion.

img32 300x46 Trick to play videos in youtube faster without Buffering

SpeedBit accelerator

5. Quality Settings: You will have the choice of choosing the resolutions for the videos being played in Windows. You can alter them to play faster. Higher the resolution better will be the quality but longer will be the streaming time. When you lower the resolution, buffering will happen quickly. You can find the existing resolution as a number on the right hand side of your player. You can click on the same to see the other options.

img42 Trick to play videos in youtube faster without Buffering

6. Other applications: You can lighten the load on the operating system by limiting the activities on your network or other applications that require more resources from your operating system. You need not play games, watch other videos, and so on. When these programs consume your operating system resources your video will start playing slow.

There are situations when any one of the above trick will be sufficient to play the video. But other times you would have to employ more than one technique. But when you install the Speedbit Video Accelerator it will take care of playing your videos. You can almost forget about buffering when you play your videos in the future. They provide you a seamless experience.

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