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While you surf on the web, you go through lots of websites every day. You may be interested to know whether the links you see on a webpage is a do-follow type or no-follow type. For those who don’t know what is a no-follow link, here is the answer -

Nofollow links are like any other link to a human reader or follower but restricted for search engines. They are strictly nofollow for search engines like google, etc.

Why do websites have nofollow links ? So that search engines should not lower ranking of a particular website for having lots of outgoing links. The method of nofollow linking is widely used by major giants like DIGG and others also. So there is no harm using this.


Some newbie bloggers are cheated by fellow bloggers to go for link exchange where newbie blogger points to his website by setting a do-follow link but his fellow blogger may point to his website using no-follow attribute which will not benefit the newbie blogger when it comes to ranking in eyes of search engines.

How do you make a link no-follow.. Its very simple.  the code for this goes this way

<a href=”link here” rel=”nofollow”>link text here</a>

Well, Lets cut to the chase. The real point of focus in this post is- what do you do to know whether is a link is of do-follow or no-follow attribute. The obvious thing is that you generally view source code to find it but this way is not easy and convenient.

Here is a firefox extension that will help you conveniently in your seo strategies + it highlights no-follow links on webpages.

SEO for Firefox Extension Features:

seo firefox Detect NoFollow links : SEO addon

Find no-follow links

Pulls useful market research data right into Google’s and Yahoo!’s search results, including the following data near each search result.

  • PR: (Google PageRank) an estimated measure of global link authority
  • Age: age pulled from, shows the first time a page was indexed by’s spider. The theory is that if found a page so did many of the major search engines.
  • Links: (Yahoo! linkdomain) shows a rough estimate of the total number of links pointing at a domain
  • .edu Link: (Yahoo! .edu linkdomain ) shows a rough estimate of the total number of .edu links pointing at a domain
  • .edu Page Link: (Yahoo! .edu link ) shows a rough estimate of the total number of .edu links pointing at a specific page
  • .gov Link: (Yahoo! .gov linkdomain ) shows a rough estimate of the total number of .gov links pointing at a domain
  • Page Links: (Yahoo! link) shows a rough estimate of the total number of links pointing at a page
  • number of times a URL has been bookmarked on Heavily skewed toward techy / Web 2.0 stuff.
  • Technorati: an estimate of the total number of links to a site from blogs
  • Alexa: rank based on website traffic . Heavily skewed toward internet marketing and webmaster related resources.
  • Cached: (Google site:) shows how many pages from a site are indexed in Google
  • dmoz: searches the Google Directory to count the total number of pages from a site that are listed in DMOZ, and the total number of pages listed in DMOZ that reference that URL.
  • Bloglines: shows you how many people are subscribed to a particular blog via Bloglines.
  • is a site listed in the Yahoo! Directory or not.
  • WhoIs: makes it easy to look up the whois data for any site.

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  1. nice plugin it will help to find nofollow attributes.

  2. I think this feature has created a lot of confusion. But if the whole idea of no follow is conceptually clear then it will definitely boost your site’s ranking

  3. paul says:

    does anybody know the exact time SEO Netlinks is coming out? i heard it’s an amazing way to generate tons of traffic

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