Top 5 Android Phones to buy in mid-high range

Android Phones: There are many Android Phones that are entering the market place every mow and then. There is an amazing success of these mobile instruments in the market. This is the second among the most used Mobile operating system which follows Symbian from Nokia. As per recent reports, even android smartphones have ranked as the no.1 smartphone in US. The trend had become that difficult that is very hard to keep pace with the emerging markets. This article acts as a comprehensive guide in letting you decide the best among the mid-range phones that have come latest in the markets. Earlier in one of previous post of, we presented android phones buying guide about cheap and best budget android phones to buy

Here in this post, We present shortlisted list of top 5 android phones above Rs. 15,000 INR and below 25,000 Rs INR i.e. mid-high budget range.

1. Motorola Defy:

Motorola Defy 300x189 Top 5 Android Phones to buy in mid high range

Motorola Defy

This is a durable phone and it is launched in India with a price estimate of ` 21990/-. It is available in the markets at an MRP of ` 18990/-. This instrument that`s from Motorola is one among the growing offerings from the company and it is based on the mobile operating system from Google in it`s latest release. The build up that has a rugged appearance has become the talk of the town today. It is both water resistant and dust proof and adding to these features it also has the scratch resistant feature which has been offered by the company.

2. Motorola Milestone:

Motorola Milestone 300x173 Top 5 Android Phones to buy in mid high range

Motorola Milestone

There are three models in this Milestone mobile phone where the names have a little difference having a bargain price of around  Rs 20000 /-. . This instrument has a touchscreen display that is very sharp along with the multimedia features that are also excellent. It has an 8 megapixel camera that has the Xenon flash. It has the impressive mobile operating system of Android 2.1 that is also powerful. The processor speed is around 720MHZ. You can as well overclock your processor and boost the speed to 1200MHZ. This increase in speed makes it even more attractive. You can record HD Videos and take perfect photos. There is also a headphone for your audio.

3. HTC Desire:

HTC Desire 300x142 Top 5 Android Phones to buy in mid high range

HTC Desire

There are tablet and facebook enabled phones. Besides these three more models as above Desire S, Wildfire S, Incredible S are the new upgrades. The most interesting model is the Desire S of all the above. HTC Desire also deserves to be the best Android mobile phone devices being the most powerful one in the market. The operating system used is Android Gingerbread 2.4. This brand is believed to have brought the best Android phones. There are many applications that have come to make your life even simpler. The looks also arrest your attention. Both your business as well as your entertainment needs will all be satisfied. The price range is Rs 21000 INR /-.

4. HTC Legend:

HTC Legend Top 5 Android Phones to buy in mid high range

HTC Legend

In India even in the scorching summer Android Phones are raining. HTC released this legend Model after Motorola and Sony Ericsson. The mobile operating system used is Android 2.1. There is a HVGA capacitive touchscreen with an OLED display. The processor has a capacity of 600MHZ. You have 3G mobile broadband, with WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 facilities. You also have FM transmitter and a GPS receiver. You have a 5 megapixel camera that will give you wonderful photos. The price of this Android Phone will be around Rs. 18000 /-. There is also an optical trackpad. It has a storage capacity of 256 MB RAM.

5. Dell XCD 35:

Dell XCD35 300x213 Top 5 Android Phones to buy in mid high range

Dell XCD35

The smartphones launch from Dell came in two models XCD28 as well as XCD35. These mobiles carry the operating system as Android 2.1. It has a 3.2 megapixel digital camera. You can click on images that will have real quality. There is a complete entertainment with these mobile gadgets. And this entertainment comes at an affordable price of Rs. 10990/- and Rs. 16990/-. You also have an LCD touchscreen display that is 2.8inch in its measure. You also have exchange warrant for any damaged hardware that is almost not available from other brands. You have multiple applications that are accessible with an internal memory of 200MB.


These are what I think the best android handsets in the mid-high range. If you vote for any other handset, you are most welcome to do so by putting in your comments below.


The prices mentioned above are subject to variation with time, market and location.

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