Dual Boot with Android on Windows Mobile Phone

Put Android on your windows mobile. Don’t believe this? This is true XDA-developers always put something new, amazing and exciting, for modding your windows mobile or android phones. This time – Gen Y. Dual Boot for windows mobile (6 or 6.5) owners.

dual boot mobile os windows android Dual Boot with Android on Windows Mobile Phone


If you have a Windows Mobile (6.1 or 6.5) smartphone and want to use Android on it, you can now do it easier than ever, as a new dual boot solution has been recently launched.

Called Gen.Y DualBOOT, the application is free and has been published over at the xda-developers forum.

Complete Guide to Enabling Dual boot with Android os on windows mobile phones

– note that you still have to install Android yourself, before running the app, as this is just an application that lets you choose between Windows Mobile and Android when you start your phone.

Reportedly, the Gen.Y DualBOOT app works with Windows Mobile smartphones that have WVGA, VGA and QVGA screen resolutions.

Watch this video for a quick demo on How TO install Android OS and dual boot on windows mobile os.

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